Digital Strategy Consulting

Today’s technology provides unparalleled access to information through a wide range of digital channels. Businesses are not only aiming on showing their presence across multiple digital touch points but, also leveraging analytics to shape market opportunities and gain competitive edge.

Bridging Digital, Physical and Human

Internet of Things is a network of connected devices with unique identifiers in the form of an IP address which have embedded technologies or are equipped with technologies that allow them to sense, collect data and communicate about the environment in which they reside.

Advisory for understanding data analytics and AI. Consultation for identifying use cases that can deliver additional value with AI and machine learning. Expertise to implement AI solutions to custom tasks.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced data analytics and AI are vital technologies in building additional value by processing these massive datasets. By implementing AI to technology and business oriented approach will help companies in effectively incorporating intelligent systems to streamline operations and grab new growth opportunities. In real use case like Bittium provides AI Services for companies desiring to create new products, processes and services or increase the efficiency and quality of their existing ones.