Regulatory standards hold companies responsible for the
actions of their business partners and vendors, and require
effective third-party due diligence.

Cyber Advisory

Our Cyber Advisory services enable your organization to identify, assess, mitigate and respond to the gamut of internal and external security threats.

Risk & Compliance

Our certified Risk & Compliance services deliver proven solutions to your organization, enabling safety and soundness within a constantly changing threat environment.

Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Testing services give you peace of mind in knowing your organization is protected by best state-of-the-art technology and highly trained and specialized professionals who understand the dynamic threat landscape and how to effectively manage it.

Security Testing

Our Security Testing services provide preventive and detective identification of threats, vulnerabilities and breaches across the full range of your company’s information and other protected assets.

Our Cognitive Analytics and AI services help your organization to maintain a more preventative risk position by applying cognitive capabilities (data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing) to process massive data sources that more effectively identify fraudulent activity, breaches, and indicators of unknown risks.

Typical TPRM-VRM Risks

We at STI understands supply chain risk and how to manage it. Many of our advisors led risk management programs within commercial and government organizations transforming them to meet evolving regulatory mandates; overseeing them to meet safety and soundness requirements; and guiding them to anticipate and effectively respond to emerging threats and issues, management and audit opinions, operational challenges, and scare resources.